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Local currency in the social network

I have already managed to notice that here - at Habrahabr there are serious critics who can more or less reasonably determine the viability of ideas. Because I want to give my idea for a test drive over rough terrain of your opinions.

The idea is this:
The user does not receive certain opportunities (his own posts in blogs, columns, etc.) upon reaching a certain level of karma, but directly pays for these opportunities, using some conditional currency earned on the site.
THOSE. I wanted to write a post - be kind enough to spend one unit of currency. Wanted to create a new blog - spend, say, 100 units. I wanted something else like that - be kind enough to pay again.

How a currency is earned:
The account is replenished with a “positive” vote for your creation. Whether it is a blog entry or a comment. And the voting will not spend their currency, giving a vote. You can even realize the degree of “liquidity” of currency units depending on the level of the karma of the voter. THOSE. if a person with a high level of karma has voted for your post, your account will fall not by 1 unit, but let's say 1 + a certain coefficient of the level of karma of the person who voted. Thus, the more competent (after all, karma is not taken from scratch), the user voted “for”, the more currency has woken up on you, which will stimulate your ability to continue in the same spirit.

Why it might be necessary:
In my opinion, such an innovation (?) Should have a positive impact on the quality of content, constructive comments and the degree of adequacy of the behavior of community members.
By adding the ability to transfer currency to other users, you can certainly see such a phenomenon as an increase in the number of regularly updated blogs on various topics.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1037/

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