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Production Information Systems. The devil is in the details

“This title is not for a technical journal,” we were told in our favorite publication, where we sometimes publish. We argued a bit, in the end we still managed to convince the editor that this title would not scare readers away. Moreover, then the editors from myself inserted in the journal the statement of Lawrence Peter that the devil is evolving. It had nothing to do with the text, but we were pleased that our hooligan spirit found support and approval.

“Name the octopus in detail,” the company director told us. “Why,” we asked. “Well, you mean the logo of your InfoCont product.”

“No, no,” we said. “This is an Arabic proverb.”

As a result, we defended the name. True, the victim of internal censorship fell a paragraph of text, where we said that we ourselves are very intensively using our product, and rightly so, because you need to “eat the feed of our animals”. Suddenly, it was the animals that caused sharp criticism - we laughed and expelled them.
We also wrote that production information systems reduce confusion and confusion, while we conveyed a mental hi to Alice (Alice from Carol of Wonderland, do not confuse with Berton). Confusion and confusion remained, but Alice did not enter the article. In general, out of three or four overeaten greetings, only hello admins who go to users' workplaces, updating the system (with a capital letter) survived.

The rest of the content, fortunately, survived.

This article is about the fact that there are details in production information systems, which are in many ways similar. And they differ in different systems. It is there that lurk the devil. And these details we have taken to the light and intently studied.

The text of the article is here . The article may be of interest to those who know what the process control systems, MES and ERP are (or at least two of these three words).

By the way, we are very interested in what other details it is hidden. Write.

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