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Highscreen Alex - e-book with Android inside

The other day, in the framework of the Bookbayt-2010 exhibition, there was a presentation of a new device on e-ink - Highscreen Alex.

Highscreen Alex was created and produced by the Taiwanese company Spring Design, co-owned by Cher Wang, one of the founders and co-owners of HTC, the global market leader in classic communicators.
So, what can Alex and what is the fundamental difference from the same Barnes & Noble Nook?

Operating system:Android 1.5
CPU:Monahan PXA303 with a frequency of 624 MHz
Memory:256 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal flash memory
Memory card slotmicroSD (2 GB card included)
Displays:top: E-Ink, 6 inches, resolution 600x800 pixels
bottom: color TFT, touch, 3.5 inches, resolution 320x480 pixels
Communications:built-in wireless Wi-Fi module (IEEE 802.11b / g), miniUSB 2.0 port
Multimedia:stereo headphone output (2.5 mm), built-in stereo speakers and microphone
File format support:Graphic: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
text: ePUB, PDF, DRM, TXT, HTML, FB2, FB2.zip
Audio: MP3, MIDI, WAV
Video: MPEG2 / 4, 3GPP, Adobe Flash Lite
Power usage:Up to 7,500 pages of electronic pages; till 6 business hours in a content display mode on the color screen

Official warranty and service throughout the Russian Federation - 1 year from the date of sale.

Now more about the difference from the closest on the principle of the work of a fellow - Nook.

The first Highscreen Alex model will be equipped with a Wi-Fi module for Internet access, for downloading fresh editions, books and new applications. This model will be supplied in two colors - black and white, the cost of the novelty is not yet known exactly, but is declared at no more than 15,000 rubles (perhaps, the real price will be lower than the specified amount).

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos
Later on, they promise to launch a version of the device with an additional 3G module, which will allow downloading content even in the absence of Wi-Fi hotspots (tentatively - for the New Year).

I could not miss such an opportunity to try a new device at work, I will share my impressions.

Alex is not a tablet, although it has the ability to connect to the Internet, but as a reader with the ability to download books and newspapers "through the air" is a very interesting device. It will be easy to put in a small bag or jacket pocket, convenient to hold and manage on the road. The lower screen, if it is not necessary, is turned off, so that the claimed 7,500 scrolls seem quite real. In addition, between the screens there is a special key that synchronizes the images on the lower and upper screen. Thus, when browsing Internet sites, you can download an article on the lower TFT display, and then “transfer” it to the upper e-ink display and read it comfortably for your eyes. It's no secret that e-ink displays need a couple of seconds to render a page, so just a reader with a touchscreen doesn’t suit the role of a tablet, here Habr can be read like a regular book.

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

The package will include a case, a cable for connecting to a computer, a charger with 2 USB connectors, a memory card. There is also a cover of the type of cover, which will either be supplied separately or will be included in the extended package.

In principle, developers can be blamed on an already outdated software version (Android 1.5), but on the other hand, it’s still a reader, not a communicator, and this software version is quite enough for the tasks declared for the device.

Naturally, with the help of the device, it will be possible to check mail, listen to music, watch video clips (on the lower screen), i.e. do everything that allows Android. As I understand it, the device will not have Google services pre-installed, only standard programs and your own AlexAppStore. In addition, the supplier company, Vobis Computer, provides programmers with free access to a special SDK to ensure compatibility of any Android applications with the Highscreen Alex platform.

Photos and images for the article are provided by company representatives and are available on the links in the original size.

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

A couple of screenshots:

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

Look at Yandex. Photos

The estimated release date of Highscreen Alex is September 2010, the 3G version is the end of 2010. Official supplier - vobis.ru

PS If there are questions about the device that are not illuminated - I can give them to the developers and add answers to the topic.

PPS Already after the presentation I found out that on WEBbook Highscreen Alex pre-order is open at a price of 14990 rubles.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103688/

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