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Caring Computer Chair

The choice of a new computer chair began with the fact that the trouble happened with the previous one - a large crack appeared in the cross of the leg, due to which the pneumatic cartridge with a crunch went to the floor and jammed, decently scratching the entire laminate.


As for the laminate, I was quickly reassured - it turns out that there were cases when the pneumatic cartridge went out through the top, making the painlessly careless owner up to death)

image image
Maybe everything can be restored (by replacing the cross, although the guarantee has already expired; although it is not a fact that it existed at all), but I did not want to bother with it for three reasons:

1 . The chair is very large and in my “ office ” I am pretty much worn out with it.
2 The chair is leather, which is why it was simply impossible to sit in it at 40-degree heat.
3 The apartment has another workplace, for which I don’t really have anything to sit on - the stool doesn’t count. There’s a carpet, so a broken crosspiece will more or less roll up - maybe someday the chair will be there, because it’s not bad .

The search began with a “throwing a fishing rod” on Twitter - to the question “ Tell me a good office chair? ”Many gave a link to Herman Miller , but after the tweet“ What do you think about this chair from Herman Miller? ”Everything became clear to me, despite the fact that opinions were divided. Some said it was “ BMW in the middle of the seats, ” others said, “ Burum, you are crazy, look at the price tag! ". Well, I wondered, I began to search - once again I realized that there is practically nothing even on such well-known chairs on the Internet, except for delicious marketing press releases. But on the whole, the reviews are extremely positive, even the saminazhektoeko sits on the legendary Aeron) Not that I would fall prey to marketing, or there my back suddenly became sore - HM really inspired me from the first minutes.

Finally, the issue was resolved when I arrived at the office of Contract Interiors , specializing in these chairs. Spacious office, lack of people - perhaps that is why the whole service fell on me) They all told and showed, and I leisurely sat and compared everywhere. Aeron , of course, cool, but after a painfully long election, I settled on the model Embody . I traveled twice - for the second time I already took the chair, making a couple of shots with other models along the way - I do not exclude that in one of the digests I will return to the subject of the chairs.


Usually I use photos of newly unpacked devices in reviews, as long as they have a “photogenic look” - without dust, prints, stains, etc. But in this case, I initially somehow did not plan the article, because the topic of computer chairs ... well, I don’t know ... On the other hand, judging by how lively various computer accessories are discussed (of which, by analogy, no one writes anywhere else), I decided. So I am writing a review after a week of active dancing in the chair, respectively, and the pictures are “live” from home, although this oversized is just the best to take pictures in the studio. To prevent the post from becoming unaffordable, I hid some pictures in clickable thumbnails - click on them and pay attention to the quality of the chair, the assembly and other small details.


Herman Miller Embody owes its appearance to two people - Jeff Weber and Bill Stampf . The fruit of the symbiosis of a young practitioner and a wise theorist was an office chair of superior comfort - it contains all the imaginable and inconceivable adjustments that the “chairs from Ikea” did not even dream of. But in addition to all sorts of adjustments, much is inherent in the design itself - which only cost the anatomical back and seat with a uniform distribution of pressure, repeating the natural curves of a person and not interfering with blood circulation. Well, okay, it's all from the press releases)

If you look at a chair from the front, it may seem like “another” office chair, unremarkable.

image image

Fi, it's not even leather! "- someone told me on Twitter) But such statements now cause me, perhaps, a smile - after this summer I will not return to the leather chair for any costumes. Immediately everything is “simpler” - the usual fabric upholstery, dark plastic ... but the devil, as they say, is in the details. I will not tell you yet about the customize-capabilities of the chair, but just hold a small photo-tour of the appearance.

By placing an order on the manufacturer's website, you can select the necessary parameters in the online configurator - all changes will be visible on the interactive model of the chair. Almost everything is adjusted - the wheels (for carpets or for solid types of laminate), the cross (polished or "graphite" aluminum) and the base itself, the type and color of the fabric. There are a lot of colors, but black-gray is better, in my opinion, there is nothing better in this world.

image image

There are two types of fabric - Rhythm and Balance.


The second one looks more practical, but the first one is cheaper - it is a fabric with a deep porous structure, which is very pleasant during tactile contact. There are no villi and puffs, and the dust is removed with a regular damp cloth.


image image image

The armrests in my case are made of vinyl and other options in Embody, it seems like not. And in the case of the Aeron there is an option from the skin.


Below under the seat, behind a plastic protective case, is a mechanism for adjusting the degree of back support by the back itself. As well as some special structure, apparently responsible for the shape of the seat:


Everything that is on the back side is somewhat reminiscent of the character from the movie "Predator" - on a curved relief there is a huge amount of some projections and tubes with suckers.


As a result, a complex frame is formed - it is hard to believe that all this is somehow interconnected and amenable to adjustment. Despite this, the back is quite thin.

image image

The weight is quite large - apparently due to the large number of metal parts. But the average size - more than the usual entry-level seats, but less than cumbersome solutions for the "leaders". Before that, I had a large leather chair that barely fit on my balcony (wide), which gave me a lot of inconvenience. Now I can easily whirl :)

Sat down and sit ...

You understand the difference with ordinary chairs when you sit down. The seat itself sags, repeating the shape of the legs and, ahem, zops) But at the same time, this coating is very elastic. You can sit as you please - no deformations on the chair remain, it is without a “memory effect” and, according to the manufacturer, will remain so all the time.

If you sit correctly and completely, then you understand what was said in the paragraph about the back bend - the back really repeats it. Moreover, the degree of bending (backfit back support technology) of the backrest is regulated in a fairly wide range - thanks to the multiple inserts on the back of the seat, changes occur not only in the lumbar but also in the thoracic spine.


And for this all you need to twist the handle on the right side. I liked the most hard as possible (in the lumbar) support.


Sitting down, you can adjust the height of the chair to a comfortable level. I do not like when the legs are “hanging”, but I hate even more when there is no room for them under the armchair - you have to pull somewhere to the subwoofer :) Therefore, I usually choose a seat height equal to the height of the tibia (from knee to heel). The height is regulated by a small translucent joystick, on the same principle as in regular chairs.


But if you turn the knob in which this joystick is installed, then another adjustment will take place - the pressure force on the backrest. About 30 turns of the knob are available - on this range, anyone will find a convenient effort. Starting from the almost complete impossibility of swinging (when the back elastically returns the wearer to a vertical sitting position), ending with the opportunity to "lie down" even with a little effort. I chose a middle ground - when the back makes it easy to deviate, but while maintaining the body in balance for any degree of deviation.

On the left side there is a special 4-position knob, which regulates the degree of deviation of the back (extremum)) - either a complete deviation, or 2 positions in the range, or the back does not recline at all.


The next step is to adjust the height and width of the armrests. Height varies (~ 15cm) with a button clamped under the armrest, independently for each. Each armrest is adjustable in width, for which there are 4 positions. I easily fit in the narrowest gap between the armrests, although the widest is suitable for people with any dimensions. However, you need to choose a chair taking into account your own height and weight - there is even a special table for Aeron.


Finally, you can adjust the "depth" of the seat - the part that is directly under the knee bend. If you grasp the handles sticking out on the sides of the seat at the same time, you can move the "edge" of the seat forwards or backwards. I made the most forward.

In general, as you can see, almost everything is regulated and it is not necessary to get up from a chair for all manipulations (unless, in order to raise it up). In theory, this is beautifully written about anatomical bends and some beneficial effects on the blood circulation, but, surprisingly, in practice everything just repeats. Sit, rock, fidget ... sheer pleasure! I’m not going to judge about blood circulation - I’m only sitting for a week and it’s too early to draw any conclusions if I can do them at all. But the fact that perseverance in the chair has increased and there is no discomfort throughout the day - for me this is an important indicator. Without any self-suggestion - to sit really very comfortably, care and thoughtfulness of the chair can be felt even in the smallest details. It is very difficult to convey all this - it is better to try it personally once.


If you compare Embody with the legendary Aeron model, then the latter is a bit less high-tech. But it also has its advantages - another back (wide and with the possibility to hang a jacket on it) and the shape of the armrests, another upholstery material. There is no possibility of adjusting the armrests in width - they simply rotate in a horizontal plane at a small angle. But there is a stunning mechanism of support for the sacral and lumbar departments - in my opinion, more advanced than in the chair from the review. So Embody is, nevertheless, more office option for constant movement than for home-grown vegetables)


image Advantages and disadvantages

+ Unusual appearance
+ High-quality and practical materials, good assembly
+ Change the height of the armrests and the distance between them
+ Adjustment of an inclined spring for comfortable "swing"
+ Adjusting the height and depth of the seat and the degree of curvature of the backrest,
+ No “memory” effect on the upholstery
+ 12 years warranty
- No head restraint
- Price

Price space , even do not want to voice)

The end

Someone is buying Kirby vacuum cleaners for the price of Zhiguli, some are expensive pseudo-elite tsatski, but in the case of Herman Miller there is no divorce - the price is due to quality, and quality things have never been cheap. Moreover, the manufacturer gives the product as much as 12 (!) Years of warranty - this figure can only be with full confidence in their products. How many seats will you change in these 12 years? I, for a little less time, changed the order of 7 seat mats, but none of them was so cool. Yes, and if you hang around the whole day at the screen, then the question of health is simply ignored.

The lack of a head restraint grieves, but at the same time it seems to hint that it is better to lie elsewhere, and it would be nice to work on an office chair) Otherwise, everyone liked HM Embody - I don’t even know what to do about it. Well, except that the joint between the back and the seat is still not pleasant - as in the previous chair, dust and crumbs will clog there.


Being the father of a small misfortune, aesthetic concerns also cause the entire fabric upholstery - it will be difficult to clean something out of such a porous structure; in this regard, Aeron's woven “grid” now seems to me more practical.

Armchairs are sold assembled, so in the case of self-delivery, keep this in mind. And more. When buying, they gave me a cumulative discount card, which, apparently, I will not need in the near future. If someone wants to buy a chair from HM with a slight discount (as long as it is 3%, after five seats it will be 5%), you can use the letters from the card.


image In general, really cool chairs - if you have money, you will definitely not regret it. With a clear conscience I advise.


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