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PSFreedom project ported to Android

As expected, after the news about porting the project to the Nokia n900 , ports appeared on Android .
PSFreedom - port
At the moment, the work is confirmed on the following devices:
- HTC Desire
- Google Nexus One
- HTC Dream (G1)

However, the port should work on all phones running Android, usb controller MSM72K and mUSB. This means that in the near future the owners of Motorola Droid, HTC Diamond, HTC Touch Pro (through XDAndroid) will be able to launch the port.
The list of supported equipment is given here , and discussions and manuals on how to put on the desired phone can be found in the sections dedicated to your phones on xda-developers .

Here is a general instruction posted on ps3hax.net :
1. Download the archive and unzip it.
2. Unzip N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz and copy the contents to the root of the payamti card.
3. Copy PS3-signed.zip and PS3-No-More-signed.zip to the root of the memory card.
4. Flash from PS3-signed.zip
5. Reboot the phone
6. Open any terminal application, such as ConectBot or Terminal Emulator and write
cd sdcard
insmod pfreedom.ko
7. Turn off the PS3 (iron) and connect the phone via usb
8. Turn on the power to the console and quickly press the Eject button.
9. After downloading the console, you can install any unsigned applications!

In particular, for HTC Desire: the work on the Open Desire firmware has been confirmed with the recovery psfreedom-OpenDesire-4.0.4.zip stitched from Recovery.
PS The port is raw and there are glitches: wi-fi and usb mass storage will stop working until you back up boot.img.
UPD: Today, September 7, Sony has released a PS3 firmware locking device with PSFreddom / PSGroove! If you want to use homebrew charms - do not upgrade !!!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103678/

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