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Free DNS hosting

image Our team noticed that at present the offer and functionality of free and paid DNS hosting in Russia are at a rather low level. Therefore, based on the experience of our specialists in the domain industry, we decided to offer you a service designed to meet the maximum number of wishes and customer requirements for this service. Key features and benefits:

*) Three DNS servers located in different data centers: Moscow (RU), New York (US) and Amsterdam (NL)
*) A convenient control panel with the ability to edit the following types of records: A, AAAA (IPv6), CNAME, NS, MX, SOA, TXT, SRV, PTR
*) Ability to use the service on the same domain for free!
*) Preset MX record templates for: Yandex.ru, Google.com, Rambler.ru, Pochta.ru, FastMail.fm
*) White-Label DNS - the ability to make nominal DNS servers in your domain
*) Dynamic (instant) changes to the zone on all servers
*) No hidden limits (for the number of records or access to the zone)
*) Many payment methods and instant order activation
*) Ability to work on API
http://www.netbreeze.net/dns/ ( DNS-Hosting.ru )

If you have any other wishes on this service, we will be happy to hear you :)

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