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Beta testing Kebrum VPN, anonymity accessible to everyone

The Internet is a young technology, if you count the age since the creation of the WWW service in 1989, it is only 21 years old. Like any technology created by man, the global network, in addition to its purpose (officially, this is a rapid exchange of information) can be used to harm. This is not about viruses breaking the computer and not about proposals to increase the MPH. The Internet is so convenient thing that more and more merges with real life and, in general, one can’t say that it is a “virtuality”. It is in science fiction that you immerse yourself in virtual reality, where your world is independent of reality, and here everything is different, the Internet is just a system for transmitting information. But for some reason, most people do not think so, and it seems to them that what is happening on the Internet will in no way affect their lives. But over the past 20 years, the world has become different, today it is possible to get to America from Russia in 27 hours, while the ticket price is not something inaccessible. Louis CK said this well in this video .

In order to explain in detail and in detail about what I am saying in general, I cite references to the translation of a speech by Steve Rambam, previously laid out , but now hidden on Habré:
Anonymity - Myth, Part 1
Anonymity - Myth, Part 2
Yes, that's about it.

More and more often there are articles about students who are obliged to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for 7 mediocre MP3s. those. in fact, the student will not be able to pay for the university (yes, in America, higher education is predominantly paid), but God will know how long it takes to pay the corporation their “lost profits”. Since the Internet exists on the planet only 20 years old, 10 of which it was slow, expensive and not very profitable, the states did not pay attention to it. You know, governments generally respond very slowly to everything new, especially such as Russia. But now everyone understood what the Internet is and how much power it carries in it. In countries with a clear dictatorship, the network is already under control, while in the rest, the government is only beginning to adjust and launch its paw there. Actually, in Russia, they are already tightening the screws .

Actually, we decided to make a service to provide anonymity and traffic encryption. Naturally, VPN is not all that is required for security and anonymity on the network, first of all a head is required, we just want to give everyone the opportunity to use the technical component for a minimal fee. And we don’t intend to dwell on VPN, there are a number of other interesting projects about which we will tell later.
So, we had the task to make a VPN service that could be used by a full humanitarian for a minimal fee, and inside there should be a powerful technology. In as a setting over OpenVPN, a cross-platform client was created, which is placed in 3 clicks and does not require any configuration.

That's what we got - this is the Russian version of the site, the English version will look slightly different. Officially, we are an operating company registered in Seychelles, which means we are subject only to local law and have the status of an international company.

We invite you to participate in the beta test, for this you need to:
  1. Fill out and send the questionnaire ;
  2. Download the client from the site and get the key on e-mail (send tomorrow night);
  3. Activate your account by paying 1 ruble (POISON, VSW, SMS);
  4. Get 2 weeks fast anonymous and secure surfing.

Online support is working for you.

The server is located in the USA, which means you can get access to previously closed sites, such as fox.com, hulu.com or last.fm. The server in Germany did not have time to take, so the speed on Russian resources will be far from ideal, since the signal will have to travel around the world 2.5 times (Russia> America> Russia> America> Russia) before the answer from the resource reaches you. For speed will work after the beta server in Germany. The channel is only 1 Gigabit, so the number of participants is limited. Mac OS X and Linux owners are welcome. Unfortunately, only a deb-package has been built for Linux so far, so it will only work on Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions. In the case of Mac OS X, you will need to install X11, which is on the original installation disc.

The service is suitable for people who want to get access to overseas sites (3 countries are assumed: Germany, the USA and the UK), and those who do not want someone to have access to information about their movements on the network. VPN is also great for protecting when connected via Wi-Fi, encryption makes sniffing useless. Specially for mobile devices, PPTP VPN will work, not so much for the purpose of anonymity, as for the purpose of protection against traffic interception.

We are pleased to hear your suggestions and wishes.

The plans have to raise something like its lokalki, i.e. there will be a set of internal resources, and since the input through the VPN, it will turn out to be quite closed, it will result in something like a commercial i2p.

As for “what if you sniff my traffic?” - this is not profitable. It is more profitable to provide good and necessary service and to feel that you are doing something right.

UPD Invitations sent out, do not forget to download the latest version of the client.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103667/

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