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The size of our universe and the Day of Open Astronomy


On Habré more than once (and not two ) were topics about the size of our Universe, which were perceived "with a bang" and received a lot of comments! However, these were mostly videos and projects in English ... Today we translated and voiced another video for you, clearly demonstrating how huge and interesting our Universe is!

Anyway, you cannot believe that the Universe is so huge and interesting? :)

We are glad to announce the next Open Astronomy Day, where you will have the opportunity to watch the stars absolutely for free!

A lot of telescopes will be put up on the site in front of the Four Eyes store, and experts with extensive practical experience will set them up and help guests of the event see the most interesting things. Next to the store there will be a “help desk” where you can ask questions regarding the observed objects, telescopes and astronomy in general.
Come yourself, bring friends and relatives, but do not forget to register. Free admission! The event will be held from 21:00 to 24:00 at the address: Moscow, Nakhimovsky Prospect, 11, building 1.

For details, see the website - www.4glaza.ru/events

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103658/

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