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Web standards in Kiev, September 18-19

Kiev web developers are lucky this fall: on the weekend of September 18 and 19, two events await them at once: the Web Stanadrds Days meeting and the Modern Layout master class.

Web Standards Days

Our tent " Web standards " has come to Kiev! About how it was in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Riga can be found on the page " Events " of our flagship site. In Kiev, the following program is expected:
  1. About interface design and a little about Adobe Fireworks. Vadim Patsev (Yandex)
  2. Introduction to Web Performance: W3C, Webkit, IE9 and the Future. Nikolay Macievsky (WEBO Software)
  3. Web in curves. The second birth of SVG. Vadim Makeev (Opera Software)
  4. ... and several others, the program is being specified.
The meeting will be held in the conference hall of the hotel “Mir” at the address of the 70th anniversary of October, 70. The beginning of the presentations is at 11 am. Participation in the meeting is free , you just need to register on the site by sending a simple form.

Modern layout

Well, on Sunday your humble servant will hold a three-in-one master class and talk about the aspects of modern layout: semantics, styles and graphics. The structure of the master class is as follows:
  1. HTML: semantics, naming, techniques and principles of working with code
  2. CSS: style management, hacks, backward compatibility
  3. Graphics: slicing, optimization, combination
  4. ... and answers to questions
To participate you need to register on the site SmartMe . Participation, this time, paid - but without fanaticism. All the details on the page of the master class .

We are waiting for you, not only from Kiev: firstly, Kiev is good at any time of the year, secondly, as it turned out, on September 18th, not only we are speaking in Kiev, but also the Placebo group - you can combine business with pleasure.


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