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Service "hard bookmarks"

Recently, looking through my bookmarks, I discovered that many of them are dead. Among them were habrazakladki. And there is nothing surprising in this: one of the habra people just decided to put their article in drafts, considering it unworthy or because it does not tolerate criticism in the comments, in another case something happened to the site's engine, on which article We put a bookmark - in the end, without warning, the link has changed, which can not be found. Fortunately, if you have time to read at least once and in the memory of echoes of useful and practical information. But it also happens that we just read the introduction, realized that the article would be interesting for us and it is better to free up a more peaceful time for reading it, add it to the bookmarks (no matter how we use it for this), and finding the time to read the desired article turns out to be that she sunk into oblivion.
The idea arose of a service that would allow “parsing” the page of the site on which important information was published and save not just a link to this article, but its entire contents. It’s not bad if the service would save only the content of the article, without any extra peel on the site: advertising, menu blocks, header, etc. Also, it would be nice if the used pictures in the article were also saved in the same service, since sometimes the screenshots and photos in the article have a more significant meaning than the text description. The functionality of such a service should be extremely simple: we insert into the notorious field a link to the page where the article is located, and the service parses the contents and saves it. Naturally, registration will be required for such a service. And in the future, if the service finds the required number of fans, you can make a fashionable button, as dozens of backfilling services have.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103652/

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