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400x300.com - for those who want to get an invite to Dribbble

Relatively recently, after reading the topic on Habré about the social network for designers - Dribbble , I set out to get an invite to it. As wrote softfacade , getting there is not easy. Ryskaya across the expanses of Google in search of information where to get an invite, I found a very interesting site . Having created a one-page website, its owner, in such a simple way, managed to get an invitation to dribbble.

The first selfish thought that came to mind is to do the same. But after a little reflection, I realized that I’m not the only one I want to get on the dribbble, but there is no normal site on which to post my work.

Without thinking, I decided to do it. So in five days a site called 400x300.com appeared . The name was not chosen randomly 400 by 300 pixels - this is the maximum resolution of the image that can be posted on dribbble.
The project is not commercial (I do not want to stuff any advertising on it). Therefore, the beta version of the site is equipped with only the necessary set of functions:
- Download image
- Voting
- Commenting

I hope that those who want to get an invite to dribbble 400x300.com will be able to help.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103649/

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