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What prevents sites cost expensive, and the performers to be more honest?
I decided to write this post after reading the publication of Stepan , my colleague on the market.
But why is everything in our market so terrible from a client's point of view? He comes, wants, pays, believes and hopes - gets what I wrote. Why is it a lottery for a client?

The problems described are relevant for any market with a low entry threshold.
I'm not sure that in the capitals, or in the regions developed in terms of web technologies, it was somehow different. The market grows, the customer becomes more literate, the Contractor is more responsible.
I will speak specifically about the Volgograd market, for which we are creating websites , but I am sure that what I have described also applies to many regions.

Customer not guilty

Problem: Most Customers have not heard anything about creating websites. They are not aware of the pricing, stages of the site, the tasks that the site can solve. They believe that they need a website, but do not understand why.

Customer side : he can count money. He understands that cheap = bad. But what is cheap? After all, the concept is rather relative. If for the first time he will be called by the phone the cost is 15 rubles, after a couple of times in 20 rubles, and finally in 50 rubles. Without possessing the necessary skills it is difficult for him to understand the difference. And there and there site, so why pay more? So many people think.
Solution : train people, make them need your services, build trust.

How? It is easier than it seems! Free seminars . For example, in the winter of 2010, Sergey Kotyrev and I ( kotyrev ) from UMI.CMS conducted a small seminar in Volgograd on the topic of business on the Internet. After processing the seminar participants, it turned out that 85% of them:

We were thanked for giving this information to them for free, thanking us for putting everything on the shelves!

Funny? This is normal! Yes, how do people know about all this. In every corporate environment, an IT person is almost a god, and if he says that it is necessary to do this, no one will argue. Nobody cares that he is the system administrator of the server with the Accounting Database, and was engaged in design in drawing lessons at school.

Our local web studios do not invest much in customer training, conducting seminars, but in vain. Hence the frustration, misunderstanding, conflicts.

We ourselves must train the customer to work with us! We, representatives of the party of the Contractor, are able to solve the problem of lack of preparation of the Customer. It is in our interest to train, to do it for free. We form the market, direct it, develop it, it is within our power.

I am a web studio!

Let me be ashamed if I am mistaken, but I think that the business of web studios, at least in the city of Volgograd, is a business that grew out of a hobby. There were no business plans, investments, pay-out, development plans and other things!

Just a hobby began to make a profit.

Hence, the problem of a large number of kat_by_web_studiy, which constitute a real competition, because the customer is difficult to understand where he will be served well, and where it is bad, he does not know how.

How is created as_by_web_studio?

Anyone who even slightly understands the logic of applications can learn the language for web development and be proudly called the “Web programmer” who can set up his own “studio” consisting of it alone.

Entry threshold is extremely low:

The first self-written engines / libraries appear, even curves, albeit undocumented, but who needs it!? “In my code I will correct and modify anything in a couple of seconds!”

Everything! You are web development market players. You are competing and pulling demand for yourself.

Due to this simplicity, many novice developers who have tried themselves on the first connections with the MySQL server, creating photo galleries, bulletin boards, which are described in books, are ready to rush for the development of a commercial website with burning eyes! Experience 0, but we will join the battle, and the war will show the way!

In fact, in order to build a simple saytik, nothing more is needed, but alas, not without experience.

Total : no wonder, newcomers come, step on the first rake, learn, step on the second, adapt again, get wiser, start to run their business more seriously. So there will be professionals. But before that: poor service, dissatisfied customers, crooked websites, dumping in the market and slowing down the market in development.

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