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Hey. Again, my story about Youtube, this time a speech, about the stories in the lives of people where Youtube played one of the key roles. More precisely, Youtube showed the world the talent and aspiration of these people. He helped to become known to them, because of this, they found a job to their liking. Their dream came true. This is a series of My Youtube Story dedicated to the 5th anniversary. In the topic, we will talk about three stories - 3 characters, these are: Lisa Lavie, Danny MacAskill, Lauren Luke.

Lisa lavie

Lisa Lavie was born in Canada (1983), managed to work in many places, including a cashier in a supermarket, where she managed to save $ 5000, for which she recorded her first professional demo album. The disk, long walked on the different production companies, while in 2004. did not fall into the hands of well-known producer and songwriter Ben Margoules, producer of the first song Mariah Carey. After 3 months, Ben Margulies phoned to Lisa, and she was in the center of the supermarket and sang him a song of his own composition “Guys Are All the Same”.

In March 2007, Lisa opened an account on Youtube, intended to be a mirror of her page on MySpace, she posted videos of her own songs. And in the next 6 months in person! responded to all comments. The service bot even suspected that it was spamming and blocked the account, but the action was arranged by fans and the lisalavie1 profile was unblocked two days after blocking. A week later, she posted a song of her own composition, Angel, the clip broke out on the main pages of the service and received over a million views during the day (3 years ago it was extremely rare). She was invited to various Youtube events, in particular, Youtube Awards and Youtube Event.

At the end of 2008, the lisalavie profile had 35,000 subscribers, its videos were viewed ~ 13,000,000 times, 96,000 comments and 52,000 times videos were marked as favorite. In 2009, the figures rose to over 112,000 subscribers, 30 million views, 118 thousand comments, 126,000 favorite marks, on average every 1.8 seconds, someone on the planet watched (listened) to her songs.

4 years of work and released debut album - "Everything or nothing". The release on May 13, 2008 on Itunes immediately hit the main page, the What's Hot section. The album reached the 20th place in the pop section and the 70th in the general chart. So without a producer, a producing company, this gifted and aspiring girl achieved the universal recognition of her talent with the help of Youtube.

In February 2010, to support those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, Lisa gathered 57 artists and organized a joint song We Are The World ( Wiki Youtube )

I really liked Earth Song in its version - www.youtube.com/user/lisalavie1#p/u/2/1O1YA40TvBc (no doubt, no one will sing this song better than the author, but Lisa is on top)
Actually her Youtube account is www.youtube.com/user/lisalavie1
Wikipedia Page (Lisa Lavie) - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Lavie

Danny MacAskill

Also known as “Taggart” and “Danny MegaSkill”, a professional “stuntman” on bicycle. In April, he posted on Youtube, a five and a half minute video shot by his neighbor Dave Sowerby, the band Band of Horses provided their song Funeral for this video (I think the band also received its share of fame, and the song is good).

As of April 2009, Danny MacAskill, a 23-year-old boy, had been practicing cycling tricks for more than 12 years, quit his job as a mechanic and fully devoted himself to his beloved work. Danny now lives in Edinburgh, he appeared in the Winter Hill music video of the famous Dove gang and advertising for Volkswagen Golf Estate.

2 wrist fractures, 3 clavicle fractures, more than 17 million views.

Personal site - www.dannymacaskill.co.uk
Youtube channel - www.youtube.com/user/inspiredbicycles

Lauren luke

After losing her job in a taxi, Lauren began selling cosmetics and beautician services on Ebay. Customers were interested in how best to apply cosmetics and they asked her to publish video lessons on the educational channel Youtube.

On her channel Lauren published lessons with examples of the use of cosmetics for different types of people. Since then, its channel Panacea81 has received over 60 million views and 300,000 subscribers, it is one of the most popular Youtube people in England, it also received the status of a partner service.

In November 2008, Lauren took part in the BBC Inside Out program and was appointed responsible for the beauty and beauty care column in The Guardian magazine. On the BBC, a documentary was shot the heroine of which became Lauren
13 000 000
On October 1st, 2009, Lauren Luke on the BBC radio presented her book Woman's Hour

“I am very proud of myself, being a woman of such small size is very difficult to achieve such attention. I want to change the beauty industry a lot, I hope to do it with your and Youtube help. ”

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PS If the topic is interesting and like the style, I will definitely continue, “Youtube Story”.

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