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Firefox 4 beta 5 is likely to support SVG as simple illustrations (img in HTML, image in SVG) and backgrounds (background-image in CSS)

Relatively recently, a draft of the Firefox 4 for developers manual (Firefox 4 for Developers) highlighted the notion that Firefox 4 will support SVG in HTML <img> elements , and in <image> SVG elements , and in CSS -properties background-image .

The likely first beta implementation of this support will be Firefox 4 beta 5 , in the worst case - one of the subsequent beta versions of the fourth Firefox.
Details are set out in Bagzilla - in bugs No. 272288 (“Allow SVG source for <svg: image>”), No. 276431 (“external SVG not loaded from img tag”) and No. 231179 (“SVG images in CSS”).
The future is radiant, isn't it?


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