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Facebook is testing a new feature “Subscribe To”

Facebook has recently been rolling out one new feature after another. Now the company is testing another new product that allows you to subscribe to all actions of a particular user. In other words, you can receive notifications whenever the user you are interested in doing something on the site. Thus, it is a kind of Facebook response to the follow Twitter function.

As one of Facebook users told, who happened to see this function in action, you will not be able to miss a single action of the user you need, simply by “subscribing” to it. This feature could serve as a new additional feature for Pages, if Facebook allows users to subscribe to the activity of the other participants. As a result, all your subscribers, as well as the "fans" are guaranteed to receive all updates to your page.

Not all users responded to the new feature equally. Some believe that using this feature as an element of persecution of a particular person can cause a negative reaction from the community. As you can see in the picture below, you can “subscribe” to any user, and then receive notifications whenever he updates his status, posts a photo, or performs any other action. Although perhaps not everyone will like it, the fact that any person can learn that you liked something or find out about where you are now.

The Facebook team reported that the new feature is currently being tested on a small percentage of network users. And the decision to include it in the main functionality has not yet been made.
Facebook's competitor, popular on Russian open spaces, has a similar function on VKontakte for a long time. The “My News” section displays the activity of all your friends since your last visit.

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