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The debate about pricing domains.rf

The coordination center of the domain ru refused the idea of ​​a “Dutch” auction with an initial level of 10 million rubles for domain. RF - now the price for the domain is set at 5000 rubles. The Dutch auction was conceived as a means of combating cybersquattering: "If you do not take any measures, then about 100 thousand domains with the most interesting names will be registered in reserve in the first minutes of open registration," explains Kolesnikov. Now the domain price will be fixed 5 thousand rubles until about 100 thousand first domains are registered.

Priority registration in the zona.rf, in which government bodies and companies holding trademark rights could participate, began on November 25, 2009, with a scandal. Immediately after the start of registration, it turned out that the company "Center for Effective Technologies and Information Systems" registered 18 domain names with popular words: sex.rf, acquaintances.rf, kino.rf, etc. After this rule, the registration of domains in the zone.rf were adjusted.

Nevertheless, not only the past, but also the current pricing method does not suit the FAS, almost the only really well-functioning “for the benefit of the people” structure. Indeed, it is not clear why domains should cost 5 thousand rubles, whereas .ru domains officially cost 600 rubles, and in fact, 100 rubles, while there are no differences between the domains, in fact.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103622/

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