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How to deal with stickers on laptops

AMD has recently announced its initiative to change the situation with annoying motley stickers hung with laptops in retail networks. Indeed, often these stickers spoil the look of beautiful and elegant devices, the design of which was spent a lot of effort and money. At AMD, they point out that the situation is similar to the fact that if you were buying a new luxury car, you would find that it was all covered with stickers advertising motor oils, car services, air fresheners and wipers.

All have long been accustomed to, that on new laptops there is a large variety of stickers. Usually these small pieces of laminated paper tell the buyer about the installed software, the technologies and solutions used. Often there are such instances in which all the free space is literally strewn with colored labels. A person who buys a laptop can easily remove all these colorful stickers, but the result of such an operation does not always look good.

AMD research shows that consumers hate these stickers. But after all, the real reason for the appearance of such stickers is to earn additional earnings by laptop manufacturers from developers of hardware solutions and software. Large companies are willing to pay for additional advertising. HP, for example, even in advertising their own laptops indicates that they look good, even hung with ads. On the other hand, conservative Apple refused to place Intel Inside stickers on their laptops, most likely losing a lot of money.

Most likely, money for this type of advertising is not wasted. After all, if you buy a Windows laptop, you already know what you will see on it when Windows is turned on, and you will find out information about the "stuffing" of Intel without opening the box.
One of the manufacturers' arguments is that stickers help customers distinguish one laptop from another. But after all the same information is placed on the package. And in general, do the stickers “Windows 7”, “Intel Inside” or “Skype ready” really help you to make a choice in favor of this or that decision?

AMD promises that in 2011 it will switch to new stickers that are easy to remove and after which no traces will remain. And later, the company will consider the issue of the elimination of stickers in general. As part of the program, the company plans to make the placement of stickers optional, and if the manufacturer chooses not to post stickers, AMD will still pay the same money that manufacturers can use to promote in a different way.

How other manufacturers of components and software behave, after the announcement of AMD, time will tell. And it's good if her example turns out to be contagious.

by NY Times

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