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In Germany, launched a service to combat botnets

Moreover, this service is by no means for advanced experts who want to analyze something there, but for ordinary web users. The service is designed to facilitate the blocking of any suspicious software, which is often the key that opens our PC for intruders. The program is launched by the Ministry of the Interior, and will cost approximately $ 2.7 million. Technical support is provided by the Federal Information Security Commission, also known as BSI.

This program will be launched on September 15th. “The main goal of the program is to exclude Germany from the top 10 countries with the largest and most active botnets,” the project description page says.

Currently, many large and not very telecom providers from all over the world are trying to cope with the botnets used by hackers for various purposes. Who sends spam, who steals personal data, who else is doing something bad. In general, providers try their best to fight this scourge - for example, some block users' computers until they are completely cured. Of course, if not only individual organizations, but most Internet service providers, will deal with botnets, the problem will become somewhat less relevant.
In Germany, it was just decided to combine providers to combat botnets. In the event of infection, users will be warned by e-mail, by telephone, through other communication channels. Automation of the process of dealing with malicious software, according to experts, can reduce the amount of work of technical specialists and at the same time speed up the process of eliminating detected botnets. It is worth noting that within the framework of the German program, a website has also been created, which tells about what constitutes a botnet, and suggests various means of dealing with them. If none of the suggested methods worked, the ISP is obliged to help the client solve the problem. Interestingly, the service is completely free, if anything, the user will only pay for communication services.

At the moment, five major German providers have already expressed their willingness to participate in the fight against botnets. In the case of the initial success of the program, it will be expanded, which will help to more effectively deal with this scourge. Well, let's see how the Germans will develop things, maybe, in the CIS countries, they will use useful experience?

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