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GMTSlider - slide between time zones

Many of us work with foreign clients and often have to convert the time to different time zones: either find out the current time in several cities, or a shift, for example, what time it is in London, New York and Tokyo when we have 9 am. For such games with the time and is gmtslider .
GMT Slider
When you open the page, your time zone is automatically added, then you can add cities or specific zones. Pull the slider - see the time given the offset. When enough have played enough - you can return the sliders in the current time - for this there is a special button.
You can save the link to the added cities / belts, for this we click on the appropriate button and copy the link, save it in the bookmarks so as not to add the city every time, or give it to your overseas colleague, and he will also know your time difference.

Of nice buns - a widget that can be hung on your site. Add cities, click “Get Widget”, paste the received code into the page and watch how time slides on your site.

How can we do without a twitter in a modern website - if you fill in @gmtslider , send a private message with a list of cities or zones, for example, “d gmtslider London, PST, GMT + 10”, we’ll get the current time: “London: 06:08 AM Mon, PST : 10:08 PM Sun, GMT + 10: 03:08 PM Mon ”.
If you are interested in technical details - the client part is based on jQuery, the server part is in Java under the Google App Engine (a paid account is included, so let's see how easy it is to exceed free limits).

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