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Spammer found a serious vulnerability on Facebook

The other day it became known that the resourceful spammer, whose name could not be determined, found a serious vulnerability on Facebook that allowed him to upload thousands of images to third-party accounts that were not related to this spammer. The social network has already confirmed that there was indeed a vulnerability, and this is quite a serious vulnerability - however, Facebook has already covered this hole.

So, it all started with the fact that unsuspecting users of this social network found a lot of spam pictures on their “walls”, with links to “free iPhones”. It should be noted that Apple's free smartphones became the Facebook spamming trend this week. It should be noted that changing the password by social network users did not help to close access to their account for this spammer.

Here's what Facebook tells us about this: “Earlier this week, we found an error in the code that concerns the photo upload process. We began to actively work on correcting the error, and soon solved the problem. However, before the vulnerability was closed, there was a person who could take advantage of the “hole”, which allowed uploading his pictures to any user accounts.
The pictures, as mentioned above, contained links to sites where they supposedly could get free equipment. But the users who filled out the questionnaires to receive free iPhones, instead of the expected smartphones, received only a barrage of spam calls to their numbers.

Facebook claims that the spammer was able to upload images to thousands of user accounts, before the company's programmers were able to fix the problem. After that, the developers deleted the messages left by the spammer. According to the same representatives of Facebook, not one account was stolen in the process of “hacking” the social network.

»A spam mailing incident occurred on Facebook a few Saturday hours. During this time, a huge amount of spam pictures was posted on a variety of accounts. We have already removed all this spam from the “walls” and fixed the mistake that enabled the spammer to do all this. We apologize for the photo, but we can assure you that all the accounts remained safe and sound, none of them were stolen as a result of the incident, "the technical support of the social network reported.

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