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Quiet and inconspicuous weblancer.net has become fully paid

It all started in February. Then the freelance exchanges appeared paid accounts for freelancers, but rather three tariff plans: Basic, Optimum and Maximum.
But the initial tariff remained, it is free, but there are few applications and the commission is higher. In addition, Freelancers with Starting Tariff are not included in the directory.

Every time when the tariff approached completion, I chose the Initial one and bought only applications if they were not enough.
So it was until today, when I went in and could not choose the Starting fare.
Of course, I understand that the project requires monetization, and only one% of the commission is not enough, but I really disliked two things:

  1. I have not received any notifications about the closing of the Starting Tariff, and there are no time limits in its description.
  2. You can replenish your account only by Webmoney, which stops working with the service of those freelancers who have Yandex.Money or cards (Paypal).

Are you ready to pay for this service?
PS Perhaps you have the choice of the initial rate. There is still ...

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