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Backports service becomes official

Debian time - there is more interesting news!

The Debian project is pleased to announce that the Backports repository,
previously available on www.backports.org [1] is now also an official Debian service and is available at backports.debian.org [2].

1: www.backports.org
2: backports.debian.org

Backports are packages from the natural repository recompiled for the current or even past stable release to provide stable release users with the ability to use new versions of some packages, such as the Linux kernel, Iceweasel browser or OpenOffice.org, without compromising the overall stability of the system.

Currently, the archive contains 528 packages ported for Lenny. The infrastructure is also ready for the upcoming release of Squeeze, which will enable the configuration for the backports repository directly in the image of the Debian installer. Service for Squeeze will be included after release.
Well, even in the announcement was a little information about the bugs, mailing lists and thanks to the creators of the original www.backports.org www.backports.org ...

ps: text from user SerGold ...

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