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Skype user identification service is preparing to launch.

Greetings,% username%!
Apparently Skype so annoyed the guys from VEST so much that they decided to create a service to detect Skype users !
To begin with, only public and internal IP addresses of those who are looking for will be issued, but then, if the service becomes popular, it is planned to screw it up to full with blackjack with user lists and reports on their status change. Including invisible .
Now the question of supporting this service is being resolved: either do it with a monthly fee / fee for a single search, or free of charge, provided that enough donations are collected.
His ideas are invited to express here .

By the way, an interesting study of supernod IP addresses posted earlier was also published there . In addition to the addresses belonging to Skype, many of them are located in well-known universities, which suggests that they are not aware of the use of their networks for other purposes.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103605/

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