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Chinese Android tablet Apad iRobot

I think everyone knows about what the iPad and other similar tablets.
Here is an overview of the Chinese clone on Android.

Some time ago after the release of the iPad, I thought that reading from such a thing would be very convenient, although the size is somewhat too big. But then manufacturers jumped from the heavenly empire and rolled out a bunch of Apple product clones on 7 "screens like the classic EEE PC 701 model and thousands more and one photo frames.
After reading about the stuffing, it was decided to buy a device on the Rockchips processor, because the weaker were already very brake judging by the reviews viewed on YouTube.
Soon the device was selected and ordered, cost about 5 tons. P. with delivery from Hong Kong.

After about 3 weeks the parcel arrived (yes, the post of Russia can work quickly), completely even safe and sound despite the careless packaging.

Such a small cardboard box in a paper wrapper managed to pass the fire and copper pipes of our Post intact.

And this is all protection from strikes and other things.

In addition to the device, a pair of laces was also found (including for USB-Host) and a charger with an adapter.

The tablet itself.
On the front panel there is a home button, a camera and a charging indicator.

Again this gloss on the entire back wall.

Buttons back and context menu, made for some reason in the form of a volume rocker

Charging jack, headphones, a pair of USB ports and a hardware power switch (!), A microSD slot and a microphone.

We turn on the device by a switch and by long pressing the menu button (which was not found immediately, and there were already doubts about the performance).
Download about 1.5 minutes. Unfortunately, the original firmware was not preserved, but the differences are cosmetic.

A bunch of pre-installed programs.

Big pile :)
The screen works perfectly from a finger, resistive, the stylus was not included.

Desktop with three screens.

It also takes place to be an accelerometer that controls the rotation of the image depending on the position in space.

The standard localization selection dialog, initially English was selected in the firmware, in some variants it is Chinese, but it took no more than a couple of minutes to find it by typing.

Unsuited settings.

Connected WiFi. It catches no worse than a regular netbook / communicator.

The firmware is initially present Android Market

Categories of software in it.

Downloaded on trial reader FB2.

Google.Maps has also been pre-installed.

Also, the device has a USB-Host.
Declared support for some 3G modems (not the most common), mouse flash drives and other things.
I personally tried the mouse and flash drive, the flash drive could not be started, because needed to be reformatted in Fat32.

Despite the stated powerful percents (600 mhz + 500 mhz of some kind of DSP), the video is not very comfortable to watch, FrameDrop quite often appears even on files with a stream of 512x384.
But everything works very quickly and quickly without any noticeable slowdowns peculiar to WM.
The sound of the built-in speaker is not too loud, but in the headphones it is very, very good.
The battery lives for 2.5 hours, if you actively use Wi-Fi, and 4 hours if you turn it off and reduce the backlight brightness.
The built-in memory is declared 2 GB, about 700 MB is actually available. Of the 128 megabytes of RAM, about 50 are available immediately after the download.
The built-in camera is terrible - the resolution is approximately 176x128 interpolated to 1280x1024. And in general, the quality is such that even the QR code scanner could not work.

And so, in general, quite a working device.
Ask your questions :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103592/

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