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In the US, put the "Nigerian" spammer for 12 years


Interestingly, the spammer who was imprisoned is indeed a native of Nigeria living in the USA. At the same time, he used the classic scheme of “Nigerian letters”, the essence of which was mentioned more than once or twice in Habré, and each of us received such letters, and some of them still do. This spammer was not an ordinary swindler, he used a large scheme that deceived naive Internet users fraudly (by the way, I’m just surprised that there are still those who believe happiness letters from Africa - how can you?) Bank details.

It is clear that the letters were signed by all bankers, princes, kings, merchants and other "big" people. In general, the spammer authorities of the USA nevertheless sought out, and now a 31-year-old native of Nigeria named Mike Diamrayan has been jailed for 151 months. By the way, this person received for the period from 2004 to 2009 as much as 1.3 million US dollars. The proven number of victims of the fraudster - 67 people (holy naivete).
Experts say that last year it was Nigerian letters, more precisely, such fraudulent schemes that were actively used by cybercriminals. About 17% of the global amount of spam was the very Nigerian letters. The scammer himself in his messages offered victims to withdraw up to $ 20 million, for which they were to receive 20% of the withdrawn money.

Mike Diamrayan used fake documents from various countries that appeared in letters that allegedly proved the truth of what was said in these letters. As a result, he was able to find 67 people who believed his tales. Some of the people deceived by him have lost quite substantial funds, which are unlikely to be reimbursed to them. Although, who knows, maybe the US government will take care of the fate of deceived people.

In general, the great news is that such spammers have begun to catch and imprison. The bad news is that there are so many such scammers that they are unlikely to be able to catch and punish everyone, even if the scammer is threatened with a long prison term.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103580/

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