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Kaspersky still hangs when updating

Periodically, KIS 2010 hangs when updating. He writes, they say, 94% - and does not move further. Stop updating while failing. Visually, the button is pressed, but the program does not respond.

Sometimes it helps to stop "Kaspersky" and its subsequent launch. But sometimes it hangs so that you can make it work again only by restarting the computer. It happens with enviable regularity, and, finally, even such a stolid person like me has it.

I decided to write to tech support ...
But before that, I decided to give the poor fellow a chance. Suddenly I will return the slander? Suddenly droop?

Do not hang up. Day hung. This view (with a warning) acquired the main window after restarting KIS.

And I thought of writing to support. I decided to first look at the forums. It turned out that this problem does not arise for me alone, and the Kaspersky employees are hardly aware of it. Moreover, judging by some topics on the LC forum, the problem drags from previous versions. Already in 2007, people wrote, they say, "Kaspersky hangs during virus update"!

I myself came across exactly the same behavior back in KIS 2009. And I'm not the only one. And people write about it.

But then why is the problem still not fixed?

Once the problem is known, it means there will be no point in my address. We all know how software companies sometimes "prioritize" and process bug reports. We all know about "and everything works for us."

So, the problem is widespread, it is unlikely that the developer knows about it, there is no point in writing to support, what should I do? Sometimes a software company needs to be a little publicly stimulated.

Actually, I stimulate.

I have a proposal to Kaspersky. Maybe, instead of fantasizing about disconnecting the country from the Internet and providing access only on the passport , will you be occupied with your product?

Just in case: my software is licensed, the Internet is fast, the computer is powerful. Viruses, according to "Kaspersky", no. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, everywhere the latest updates - from the OS itself to the drivers. KIS 2010, updated several times a day, Core i7 with four cores, stably running at 3.6 GHz, 6 GB of memory. All right, in short. And the CPU load at this very second is 0%. With approximately 50 open browser tabs and hanging KIS 2010.

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