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The Japanese introduced advanced Tamagotchi


Do you remember how the tamagotchi hobby epidemic fell on our country about 10-15 years ago? Almost every second schoolchild and student spent their last money on the purchase of this simple device. The epidemic did not last very long, approximately until the price of a PC was affordable for most of us. So, the idea of ​​tamagotchi did not die, on the contrary, it develops, improves, evolves. For example, at Tokyo Toy Show, Phison Electronics presented a robotic Tamagotchi, which was named U.bo.

This interesting device is intended solely for entertainment, and, apparently, it can really entertain. According to the legend created by this company, U.bo is an alien who lives in a spacecraft with six manipulators. He knows how to move on his ship, produce different sounds and shows himself on the LED display. The size of the display, however, is not very large, only 11 * 11 pixels (yes, yes, but we have already lost the habit of such pixelated displays, right?).
The alien can be fed, showing him all sorts of goodies, after which you will have to care for the robotic Tamagotchi who has eaten. This toy is very small - only 10 centimeters in length and 8.5 centimeters in height. Pet, what is interesting, can be controlled remotely, through a computer or mobile phone. The toy can work for 14 hours on two AA batteries.

By the way, if there are several such toys, then they can interact, moving synchronously and performing all sorts of funny tricks. The “being” moves thanks to two legs equipped with servos, which set the whole system in motion.

In general, nothing particularly difficult, but the toy is really interesting - if there are a couple of free minutes, why not feed this alien, or see how the relations of several U.bo develop? To demonstrate the capabilities of the "alien" from Japan, I propose to watch two videos posted in the sequel.

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