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Debian GNU / Linux 5.0.6 released

debian logo In the camp of Debian, there is a serious animation. In early August, the distribution branch “Squeeze” was frozen , which, I remind you, is now testable, and later it will go into a stable release and will replace the issue “Lenny”, and just the other day they gave the name to the next branch of version 7.0 , once again avoiding attention trilogy "Toy Story" .
Nevertheless, the development team does not forget to update the existing, well-proven among the fans, releases. On September 4, 2010, the next sixth update of the stable release of Debian GNU / Linux, codenamed "Lenny", was introduced .
Let's see what important bug fixes were included in the release.
DSA-2054 for bind9 (DNS cache poisoning), DSA-2088 for wget (Potential code execution), DSA-2089 for php5 , DSA-2094 for 2.6 kernel (privilege escalation / denial of service / information leak), DSA-2100 for openssl package (double free). In addition, the libconfig-inetd-perl package has been removed.
As always, ISO images will fall on the mirrors in the coming days, but you can upgrade with apt now.


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