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Chumby Hacker Board

Many have probably already heard about such a wonderful gadget as Chumby One . For example, here was his announcement . Many have probably even heard of Sony Dash . More than 1500 applications have been made for these gadgets.
Now, if you are a DIY or Do it yourself lover, you can buy its very stuffing , customize it and embed it anywhere.

Chumby Hacker Board (hereinafter CHB) is a single-board computer with ChumbyOS Linux on board and costs only $ 89, that is, $ 30 cheaper than the Chumby One, and $ 70 less than the Chumby Classic. But right away it is worth noting that there is no support other than their forum and Wiki (however, there is more than enough information, including all characteristics, schemes and even manuals for programmers) Chumby Industries will not provide:
This is the Beta release, just for the hackers! Chumby Industries! If you’re a little bit different, you’ll meet your project needs. Please do not contact us directly for help with your CHB. If you have any questions, you can help.

Chumby Hacker board features:

For comparison, those. Chumby One features:

Chumby Industries plan to sell Hacker Board and OEM Board only through distributors, at the moment it is sold only through Adafruit

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