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PyCon Ukraine (October 23-24, Kiev)

Friends of the pit divers,

For those who do not know yet, I want to tell you the good news: on October 23-24, we are hosting a PyCon Ukraine conference in Python on October 23-24.

The conference is international, and many foreign guests will take part in it. Many interesting people are expected:
The cost of participation is only 350 UAH (approximately $ 44, or 1 367 rubles).
Sign up at http://ua.pycon.org/ .

Each participant receives a free PyCon Ukraine T-shirt.

We are currently deciding on the reports, at the moment we can say that there will be several well-known foreign speakers, in addition, we continue negotiations with potential speakers.

If you want to make a presentation - after registration, submit your Talk Proposal through the appropriate form .

According to the report formats, we assume the following options:For speakers, participation is free.

In addition, we want to show Open Space activity and are thinking about holding a sprint (s) after the conference.
The main language of the reports will be English, but, of course, no one will forbid making an interesting report in Russian.

We will be glad to see everyone and also open to suggestions how to make the conference better.

import antigravity # !!!!!

PS: I think about the topic for my report. Who wants to hear what?

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