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Well Very Simple Task Scheduler

Everyone has different ways of planning and managing time and tasks. Someone writes a to-do list on paper, someone in a notebook, outlook, or uses different services.

Today I want to share that just recently we launched Task Scheduler in Qubrit Tasks . I would like to share with all how it works.

Main page
As you can see, all tasks hang in one big list. Why is it more convenient than a regular calendar? Because tasks go in a row and are grouped according to “Today”, “Next 7 Days”, “September”, “October” and so on. This in my opinion gives a convenient view of all the tasks and eh quick visual coverage. To the right of each task exhibited "tags" (that is, work, personal, etc.).

Enter a new task
So write your task in the field and press enter.
Then a window appears to select the date, time and task tag. And the whole task is introduced. So simple and easy.


Tag Management
You can create, edit and delete tags and assign them to tasks.

Why did we do that?
Because in our opinion, super complex systems or services for managing tasks are not really needed because all their functions are not used by ordinary users. For me personally, for example, just a task list and a maximum of a tag (that is, tags) are enough, with an automatic reminder and that's it.

A little later we will add the possibility of group tasks, so that we can assign and monitor tasks to other group members, which I think is convenient for a small team that is working on a project.

We accept all the ideas and comments.


PS Conclusions from the comments and personal messages to me:

1. Russian will be by the end of September;
2. Make the possibility of adding projects (already doing);
3. Let's make it possible to create tasks and not tie them to the date (we did it, we'll fill it in on Monday).
4. Mobile version will be no earlier than November-December, and now we are working on the iPhone app;
5. There is a great alternative service http://www.rememberthemilk.com and many use it.
6. Made it possible to navigate the calendar with arrows from the keyboard (fill in on Monday);

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103549/

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