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Sounded two comrades

There was a lot of talk about headphones. Different: beautiful and not very, with a “warm tube sound” and rattling, in general, it would seem, everything has already been invented and written about it. But these two pairs of “ears” pleased me not so much with their sound, but rather with design and comfort.

Well, yes, I'm telling you, because it's better to see 1 time than to read 100 times. Details and photos inside
PS By the way, one of these models can be won in the competition .

There is no purpose to compare them, because they go, in fact, in different categories. Let's start with the red stylish headphones. Meet

Fischer Audio Lyra

They came here in such packaging, in which besides them there was only an instruction. Well, what else do you need for headphones of this class?

Let's go directly to the headphones themselves.

Design and comfort

Black and red stylish headphones, on the speakers there are beautiful curly reliefs through which the red color shines through, and also the rims are made red.

From the side of the speaker - a soft non-removable ambyushura that does not fully cover the ear, but at the same time, lies very comfortably on it. And through the mesh, in principle, you can see even the metal membrane itself.

The handle is made of metal, which again sends us to the legendary Koss Porta Pro, but it seems to me that these two models are absolutely different. And here it is covered with plastic.

Headphones sit comfortably on the head, do not press, wore them for 6 hours, no discomfort. The speakers bend in several directions, so that they quickly adapt to your ears.

As for the design drawbacks, the 3.5mm plug is a bit clumsy. Of course, I wanted something more stylized, perhaps, smooth and with red inserts.


Of course, this is not a “tube” sound; this is not required. The main thing is that the sound quality (compared with headphones for 100 rubles), but not too loud, no bass that beat in the ears. All at the level of standard headphones, you can listen. They are suitable for games, watching movies. In order to hear the bass or enjoy the high quality of the remix of Tchaikovsky, you have to buy something more powerful. These are earphones for a player, to listen on the way, to abstract from an external world.

In principle, the sound is satisfactory, at 3+. That is, it is possible and even pleasant to listen, nothing prevents, but I can’t say that this is direct “WOW!”.


Price around 600-700r., I think that a great price for a cool style, comfortable fit and good sound for 4-.


+ Style
+ Comfort
+ Mighty sound

- Ugly plug
- Noise at maximum volume

In general - cool headphones. Podoyutut styligam, lovers of several ancient ornaments. They sit well on their heads, they don’t put pressure on their ears, what else is needed? As for the sound and price, they are quite balanced. Headphones are designed to just listen to music, not for a DJ and not for recording. And the rest - they are very good.

But let's not go in for a long time and move on to another “fashionable thing.”

Fischer audio draco

For some reason, I liked these headphones more. Firstly, they are a little more massive in size, and secondly, they fit more closely to the ear and almost completely encircle it, well, and the rest is a bit later.

Here they had such a box:

Comfort and design

Well, of course, the first thing that catches your eye is a bright aggressive orange-black design. Indeed, the color pleases and gives the impression of an active person.

It is written on the speakers in large letters where the left is and where the right is, so it will be difficult to confuse.

Fasteners and in general, everything is all made of plastic, which contributes to a very soft, but at the same time fitting fit on the head. And on the handle with a beautiful font (the same as the letter in the previous photo) the model of headphones was written.

The main advantage is that the handle is foldable and the headphones can be pressed into a small volume. This is useful for women of fashion who love bright colors, but at the same time, they listen to the player only on the road, and at work / study it should be hidden in a handbag. Moreover, the speakers are spinning in all directions of the world.

Here, the minijack is already made more interesting, albeit at an angle, but smoothly and unusually.


Again, there is little to be said about the sound in the headphones of the middle class. Compared with Lyra, Draco has a clearer sound and much better listened to the bass, although it doesn’t get much ears. Reproduces qualitatively and at high and at low frequencies. In principle, they can even come up as a beginner DJ; however, incomplete sound insulation from the outside world can prevent it.

I, not a very sophisticated listener, liked it. Clean, high quality, loud. Even in the subway was normally audible. So, again, remember that these are not professional headphones, but custom ones, rather, even fashionable ones.


They cost about 1000r., Which is very inexpensive. Yes, there is no metal here, but there are many mounts that are needed for comfort, as well as an interesting design, so the price is justified. And the sound is more or less decent.



+ Bright attractive design
+ Compact
+ Fit well on your head


- The plastic handle may break.

Very good middle class headphones. Folding, "fun", sound high quality, the bass is there, what else is needed for good headphones? Oh yeah, the price is also quite acceptable, so - everything is in place.

By the way, orange is not the only light in which this model comes. Although there are only two options: orange and green.

But I liked orange more. ;)

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