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QutIM 0.3 nightly builds for Windows are available.

So, I finally set up the cross-compiler and now I can do auto-builds. QutIM assemblies will be made every day and are intended mainly for testing.
Link to the current build

What is new in these builds compared to alpha (carefully, a lot of screenshots)?
I would like to make a small review of the innovations that have appeared since the publication of the first alpha.


Reworked the appearance of creating new accounts

New form of chat in the style of Adium

Status icons in and avatars in the contact list

Now you can not only choose options in chat topics, but also make some settings: each topic provides its own set of options

Histman - history manager

Allows you to port history from most clients.

And of course, what so many have been waiting for ... Metacontacts

At the moment they are really very raw and work on them is still very much to come.

qml notifications

Conference Search and Management

Plug-in management

At the time of this writing, there are about 50 extensions: any functionality in Kutima is implemented via plugins

In addition, the operation of the OSCAR protocol has been significantly improved, the vkontakte protocol has been completely rewritten, now it works via Desktop.api, many errors in the Jabber protocol are fixed.
All who are interested are invited to test, create artwork and write plugins.
Our bug tracker
project page on Hitorius
Our jabber conference: talks@conference.qutim.org
Build for Ubuntu
For Macos X, builds will likely be available in the coming days.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103532/

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