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Vox.com is closed or Caution, doors are closing.

I received a notification that the Vox.com blogging project is suddenly and safely closed.
The team says goodbye and gives users a month to move.
Excerpt (translation) from the letter:

“Vox no longer accepts new user registrations.
If you already have a Vox account, you can log in to manage your account and view messages in your environment.

On Wednesday, September 15, you will not be able to create new messages on Vox or upload photos or videos. You can still log in to view the blog and manage your account.
On Thursday, September 30th, your blog will no longer be available on Vox.com, and you will no longer be able to log in to Vox. ”

At the moment, on the project site hangs the text of the farewell, which was sent to all users of the project.

UPD : Problems affected the owners of Nokia Nseries phones (with built-in support for Vox), which will face the task of updating the phone software.
UPD : The offer to register on Vox still hangs on the Nokia website
UPD : Webplanet article: Former owner of LiveJournal kills Vox blog hosting

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103514/

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