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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Remember this toy, Penumbra ? Yes, yes, the very trilogy from Frictional Games . So, these guys do not lose time and continue to hone their idea to perfection.

Soon after the release of the third part, they opened the site http://nextfrictionalgame.com/. For a long time there were only 3 concept art pictures on it. A little later, a text quest appeared (which I, unfortunately, did not pass).

But it was already quite a while. The name of the new project is known - Amnesia: The Dark Descent , the release of which is scheduled for September 18–8 of this year. And I have great news for you: a demo version has been released today!
Are you still reading? Do you know that there is a version under Linux? And under makos :)

After I played the demo for some time - I declare with confidence: the video practically does not convey the deep atmosphere that is inherent in the game.

The official video showing a bit of gameplay:

All with friday!

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