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Wake up correctly

What time do you wake up? I'm not talking about the moment when the annoying alarm clock rings and you have to crawl out from under the warm blanket, I ask about the hour when every corner of the body feels cheerful, thoughts become clear, eyes alive, and movements are clear and deft. Before some changes in my life, there were days when I never woke up all day, I went to bed again.

Have you ever measured blood pressure? I am sure that many do not even know how it should be. Did you ever catch yourself thinking that your hands or feet were always cold? If you have thought about at least one question and you have no problems with the cardiovascular system, hypertension, circulatory disorders of the brain, thrombophlebitis, malignant tumors or blood diseases, you should be interested in my personal experience of introducing such a trivial shower into your life . It is about my experience that I want to share with you and will be glad if someone complements my observations with facts or personal achievements.

Six months ago, instead of physical exertion in the morning, I began to take a hot shower, which ended in dousing with cold water, in order to “speed up blood”. In terms of cheerfulness and freshness of thought, I felt like after a run. After some time, having studied the question a little, I began to take a contrast shower. The effect was awesome!

There are many techniques. They differ in the intervals between the change of water, the order of dousing of body parts, the temperature ... these moments, it seems to me, are subjective. General tips are as follows

I will try to name the disadvantages of these procedures, although I am on the other side of the barricades. For the nervous system, a douche is a jolt. Such measures do not always lead to a positive result. Vessels at temperature change narrowed and expanded. Severe vasoconstriction may lead to their spasm, as a result, to impaired blood circulation. The wrong balance of temperatures can contribute to frequent illnesses. From too hot water, theoretically, you can get an extensive burn. In the presence of contraindications, a douche will lead to their development.

Now about your experience. When I wake up, I do light exercises (tilts, turns, rotations), then I climb into the shower, turn on warm water and brush my teeth. Turn on hot. In a minute I change sharply to a cold one, directing the shower watering can onto my chest, arms, circular movements along my stomach, and my feet. In 30-40 seconds I change the water. Everywhere it is advised to end up cool, but I prefer ice. Then rubbing with a towel and full of strength and energy go to breakfast. For the whole morning ritual, I spend 10-20 minutes, the charge of cheerfulness is enough before lunch.

Some facts. Annual medical examination allowed us to trace the reaction of the organism. In 2008, the state was recorded to the contrast soul, 2009 - semi-annual results, 2010 - one and a half annual effect. I almost stopped being ill (only vaccinations save from viruses). Normalized blood pressure and cardiogram. Improved skin condition. It’s not worth waiting for a miracle, but the shift to the better is quite noticeable. Water consumption, based on meter readings, increased slightly - 1-2 cubic meters. And most importantly - only positive emotions, vigor, clarity of thought and just a good mood for the whole day!

I would be glad if my experience helps someone to feel full of strength and energy for planning a feat not only after lunch, but also in the morning!

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