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Internet Media Player 4

Everyone loves the social network VKontakte, but the best feature for most is access to a huge database of media information, like music and video. Recently, there are more than a dozen services and programs that make it possible to facilitate the finding of media content and downloading it to disk. But in each of them there was some small flaw, due to which one had to look for an alternative version. As a result, in my use there were 3-4 service programs for searching and downloading music files from VK. There is such a principle in life, it does not suit something - do it better, and that's when it came to studying VK API, I decided to try to do what would suit me in one set.


It all started with the usual VK IFrame application, well, it just so happened that I put emphasis on HTML instead of Flash, and all right, AIR equalized everything. I mastered the API quickly, wrote a prog (if anyone is interested ), but the result did not even reach the analogs on the very same VK.
Fortunately I learned about Adobe AIR, which allows using Web technologies to write desktop applications. This meant closer integration with the computer (for example, for proper naming of downloaded files). The port of the web version on AIR passed quickly and without problems, but I had to suffer with the transition from VK API to VK Desktop API. For many analogues (AIR applications for searching Vkontakte), the work algorithms consist in sending a request to regular pages (search.php) and then parsing the page, I decided to try the Desktop API in action, and using debugging tools made it work as expected. If anyone is interested in the development process, I will describe it later.



In the music section, there is a search, providing the opportunity to search for an artist in the following services:

In the search line, Live-search works with Last FM, when selecting an artist in the Live Search line, the Top 50 of its tracks is loaded. If the artist is not found in the search, the first search result for this query on Last FM is selected.

After downloading tracks, when you click on it, intelli-search is in contact, choosing the most popular option from the last hundred, with the same popularity choosing the longest. After the track is loaded into the cache, information about the track (size, bitrate) becomes available. In the drop-down menu (right-click) you can select the following options:

Further menu items serve as links to the corresponding search options (by artist).

Another feature of the program is the top Russian radio, and later foreign radio stations will be added.


At the moment, there is a video search for 3 services:


The settings tab allows you to customize the folder for downloading music files and contains a link to the VK account registration page.


Plans to make it possible to download videos, rip out a music track from video, playlists, work with local files and much more.


Adobe AIR (necessary to run the program)

Rapidshare (10 times)
Webdev4us (may fall)


The author of this development is kolor

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103500/

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