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September 11 - IT JAM in Kharkov

Dear Khabrovtsy,

We know that you follow the trends in the world of software development, are interested in advanced technologies, moreover, many of you have something to tell your brothers and sisters in mind. Therefore, we hope that this information may be of interest to you.
Cyclum , this year with the support of ZoralLabs, GlobalLogic, Samsung, ZFort Group, has gathered IT people under one roof for the third time to learn about new products, share knowledge, and of course, gain a lot of new acquaintances in an informal atmosphere for endless talk about technology, methodologies with a glass of excellent beer to the accompaniment of musicians, IT-Schnick.
This year, we invite you, Habrapeople, at 14.00, September 11 , to Kharkov, to the modern exhibition center - Radmir Expohall , to the meeting of software developers and testers - IT Jam 2010!

The event format is as follows:
“On the big stage, presentations from Ukrainian and European gurus about new developments in PHP, .NET, Java, Mobile development and project management.”
- Open Space Area is divided into several zones for informal communication and discussions - more than 25 topics have already been announced in. Here you can share your experience in solving non-standard and complex tasks, make a presentation for a narrower circle of colleagues (a preliminary schedule is here ).
- For those interested in Agile, Tim Evgrashin will hold the Business Value Game .
- From 18.00 a rich program will continue the IT Jam Music Session . Any participant who can skillfully handle not only the keyboard and touch pad, but also the guitar, bass installation and any other musical instrument, will be able to perform as part of a session. Already there will be: band Kislorod and the Scandalous Creative Association “Krivostruy”.
In addition, participants of IT Jam 2010 expects drawing of free tickets for Agileee and many other pleasant surprises (for example, the competition - “The Best Photo Report”).
We will be happy if someone from you, habrovtsy, wants to speak and will offer an interesting report (contact Alexandra: cha@ciklum.net).
Participation in the conference is free. Registration required.
Register, come, we will be glad to see you!

Let's Meet & Mix at IT Jam 2010 !

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