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"Don't be evil" by Eric Schmidt

Free translation:

The video is the result of the joint efforts of the American group of lawyers Consumer Watchdog , who call themselves human rights defenders of the people. It is not difficult to guess from the content and content of the video that this group is against the search giant and its technologies, which monitor the actions of users wherever possible.

This work appeared in response to a provocative statement by Eric Schmidt in one of his interviews:
“I think the judges will judge. If you have something that no one should know, perhaps you simply shouldn't have done it initially. If you really need this kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines, including Google, save any information for a while and this is important. For example, we are all subjects of the United States of America (apparently, the rest of the world is also, according to Eric, a translator’s note) and is guided by the “Patriot Act”, and it is possible that all this information will be available to the authorities. ”

Interesting is the subsequent reaction of the public and, in fact, of Google itself. In the meantime, this video has less than 1000 views, and its shortened 15-second teaser version spins on one of the huge displays on Time Square in New York.

One person on Skype gave the correct comment about the last phrase in the video. We put “Ogle” in “Google” - there is a play on words. Ogle - means “to look with lust”, “to devour eyes”. And it turns out that Google seems to have added the word to the company name for a reason. We thank the nameless habr-reader with the e-mail address - rosnanocorp@gmail.com for this wonderful decoding.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103484/

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