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Files for the day

I want to bring to your attention file hosting for transferring files One Day Files . Why transfer? Because it is not intended for storing files. Files are stored for only one day , but are available for download without entering captcha or waiting. All you need to do is select the file and copy the links.

How are we better?
  1. We have no ads
  2. The user who downloads the file does not watch ads and does not enter anything.
  3. Ability to download multiple files in turn, each of which can be up to 100MB
  4. Support for QR codes , now downloading files from mobile devices has become much easier
  5. Drag'n'Drop , just drag and drop files into the download zone
I hope there will be people to whom this service will seem convenient, thank you for your attention.

As for the service API, everything is simple:
The file is transmitted in the standard way, through the variable file
The script returns the following json array:
in case of success:
{folder, "success": true}
where folder is the folder in which the file is located (http://www.onedayfiles.com/99999/)
in case of error:
{"Success": false, "error": "File is empty."} If the file came empty;
{"Success": false, "error": "File is too large."} If the file is too large;
or simply {"success": false} if another error occurred.
I note that the file size through api.php is 50 MB maximum.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103476/

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