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Chrome Apps demos on GDD 2010


Hello friends!

I am sure that after the official announcement of Google Developer Day 2010, which will be held on November 12 in Moscow, everyone is looking forward to this event! Registration will begin very soon, I advise you to follow the office. blog and twitter . About GDD 2010 you can read more here!
This year, I had the honor of selecting demos for the main speeches of Google experts about the Chrome Web Store. Who was in the past GDD, knows - this is a great place to showcase their work!

You will be required to: come to the podium during a speech by a Google specialist, say a few words about the demo, demonstrate the work of the audience, meet in 3-4 minutes.

So, if anyone is interested to show their Chrome App demo on GDD 2010, write, discuss! =)

Arkady Khachkovanyan, set112gm@gmail.com,
organizer russia / moscow / spb-gtug.ru

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