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We conquer social networks for the state budget

Today a press release was distributed that the Russian Venture Company began to cooperate with the Social Networks agency.

The Russian Venture Company is an organization through which state incentives for venture investments and financial support for the high-tech sector are carried out. At the same time, the services of the Social Networks agency are of rather doubtful nature, we quote from their website:

“Daily (if necessary, round-the-clock) participation in discussions in blog systems, social networks, forums, thematic sites on the topics specified by the Customer. We have our own staff of professional trendsetters, allowing us to simultaneously participate in several dozen discussions. We have an exclusive relationship with dozens of reputable bloggers (Top 50 Russian-speaking bloggers according to the Blogs.Yandex version).

Creation of separate discussion platforms (blogs) on the subject of the Customer or specialized thematic platforms. Technical and creative moderation of the site, participation in discussions, monitoring the effective development of the discussion.
Finding discussions about the brand in the "Top 5.Blogs. Yandex."

It turns out that “misleading Cossacks” in blogs and spammers on forums will now work for state money? However, this is not the first time. The Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, and so on are listed in the list of clients of the Social Networks agency. It is not clear, why should they spam on the forums?

The Social Networks Agency states that they employ “more than 50 people - specialists in the field of information technologies and new media, designers, copywriters, creatives, analysts”. You can imagine what should be the budgets of customers to feed such a bunch of people.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103456/

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