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Cisco and Itron create a smart grid


It seems that the power systems will soon be a truly integrated whole, which a couple of people can easily manage by pressing a couple of buttons. The fact is that the well-known companies Cisco and Itron formed a joint venture that is developing a new type of power system. Within the framework of cooperation, a specific IP model will be developed, which will be applicable for SmartGrid networks. As a result, the "smart" system will allow more efficient use of energy and the networks themselves.

Interestingly, IPv6 will be used to control such systems, which will automatically distribute electricity, plus connect the disconnected SmartGrid components, both wired and wireless. The advantage of such a system is that it will be scalable, that is, as the load increases, new modules will be connected, and there will not be such jumps as is observed at peak times.
The project also tied and the US National Institute of Technology, which fully endorses the creation of such a system and supports developers. In fact, after all, scalable "smart" power systems with IPv6 support will be a real gift for power companies and end users. IP technology will be developed by Cisco, and the implementation of this technology in power systems, in particular, meters such as OpenWay, will be carried out by Itron. As a result of cooperation between the companies, there should appear “turnkey” power systems that can be easily deployed and operated.

It is worth noting that currently more than 150 million electricity meters are operating in North America, of which only 26 million are “smart.” This is a good indicator when compared, for example, with the CIS. Who among us have seen smart meters or dealt with a SmartGrid?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103455/

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