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NTV-PLUS and Panasonic launch the first 3D channel in Russia

On September 2, 2010, Panasonic and the NTV-TV company held a joint press conference on the launch of the first 3D channel in Russia on the NTV-PLUS platform, which is scheduled for October 15, 2010.

The two companies signed a partnership agreement in the field of 3D broadcasting for a period of 1 year with the possibility of its prolongation until March 2014.

Investments of companies in the creation and development of a new 3D channel during the first year of its existence will amount to more than 3 million US dollars.
The main objective of the joint project is to make 3D television more accessible to the end consumer with the help of satellite technologies and the latest technological television developments in the field of 3D.

“For many years, television practically did not develop technically. Made a color picture and stereo sound and calmed down for a long time. Now everything is changing very quickly. Digital technologies have appeared, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound has come., High-definition television has appeared. And in the domestic TVs, the technology of three-dimensional television is already available - 3D-TV. We at NTV-PLUS always try to apply new technologies as quickly as possible to improve the quality and attractiveness of our product. So it was with the "digital", so it was with high-definition television and so it will be now with 3D broadcasting. And we are glad to see Panasonic as a reliable partner, ”says Dmitry Samokhin, General Director of NTV-PLUS.

“It is a great honor for us to cooperate with NTV-PLUS and to be among the pioneers of the new TV broadcasting format for Russian viewers,” commented Junichiro Kitagawa, Director General of Panasonic Rus. - NTV-PLUS has vast experience in producing its own content and a wide network of broadcasting in Russia. I am confident that our partnership will yield significant results, and the development of sports 3D broadcasting will be an important contribution to the promotion of sports - this is especially important for Panasonic as the Official World Partner of the Olympic Games. ”

This year, on May 22, 2010, NTV-PLUS, together with the CARO network, organized the first live broadcast of a football match in 3D in Russia - the final of the UEFA Champions League Bavaria - Inter.

In July 2010, viewers of 6 Moscow cinemas saw the final matches of the FIFA World Cup in 3D format, broadcast by NTV-PLUS, and Panasonic was the sponsor of the broadcast.

Today, Panasonic represents the most comprehensive range of 3D products - both for the consumer market and for professional broadcasting of 3D content: 3D TVs, 3D video cameras, professional 3D video cameras and displays, and more. The new broadcast channel NTV-PLUS will be provided with all necessary 3D equipment from Panasonic.

Positive results of sporting events in 3D on a large screen and the pace of technology improvement confirm the correctness of the chosen direction of the project.

The production rate of 3D TVs is very high. According to iSuppli, by the end of 2010, more than 4 million 3D TVs will be produced worldwide.

Representatives of large retail networks of audio and video equipment in Russia have noted an increased interest in 3D products. However, the lack of relevant content on the Russian market significantly slows down the growth rate of sales of 3D equipment.

According to the head of the department of audio and video "M. Video "Oleg Muravyev," the emergence of a whole 3D channel, of course, will be a big event for all fans of new technologies and fans of high-quality images.

“We, as a company that prioritizes the needs of our customers, are confident that the 3D channel available for reception in most parts of Russia will allow us to look into the future today.”
“3D is one of the main trends of 2010,” says Mikhail Kustikov, director of audio and video direction at Eldorado.

“Today, the development of 3D home entertainment centers is limited only by the lack of content. Therefore, the emergence of a 3D channel is an important step forward. The fact that the first 3D channel in Russia is launched by NTV-PLUS is a guarantee of the quality and success of the project. ”

“We already have a successful experience of broadcasting in 3D. This year we showed the Champions League final and the final matches of the FIFA World Cup in 3D, so the challenge for us is not new and from a technical point of view we are ready for its implementation. New for us is mastering the production of our own programs in 3D; we are ready to solve this problem together with our partner, Panasonic. It will also be very easy for the audience to set up a new channel - to receive a 3D TV with active glasses and an NTV PLUS HD receiver, is enough, ”said Oleg Kolesnikov, technical director of NTV-PLUS.

The new channel will be available as part of the HD package to all subscribers of the NTV-PLUS TV company.

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