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India wants to control RIM, Google and Skype


Recently, the Indian government announced that RIM’s smartphones would be banned in that country, and the ban will continue until the company ships smartphones without an encryption module. In general, this situation has been discussed in the media for quite a long time, so I will not retell all this again. But the other day the Indian government went even further, and said it wanted companies such as RIM, Google and Skype to install their own servers in India itself so that the government could access the email messages of its citizens.

A government spokesman, GK Pillai, told reporters that notifications were sent to the above companies asking the government to provide “legal access” to data for organizations and departments related to state security. The government sees in providing such access an opportunity to gain a reliable way to control terrorists who use the communication tools provided by RIM, Google and Skype.
“People who manage information services in India must install their own servers in India, giving them access to government organizations. This should be clear to RIM with its BlackBerry and other organizations, ”Pillai said.

A press release published by the Indian Ministry of the Interior on its own website states that “all types of communications carried out through computer networks and other telecommunications must be accessible to law enforcement organizations, and all telecom providers, including third parties, must fulfill this requirement ".

In general, India is clearly following in the footsteps of China, which is always trying to track the communication of its own citizens, in spite of any problems, both technical and political. One has only to recall the Green Dam, or China’s desire to force Google to censor the issuance of its own search engine, and it becomes clear what the Indian government wants to achieve.

Well, the fight against terrorists has always been a great excuse for all countries, one can only wonder how the Hindus did not bother with the issue of illegal possession of child pornography - after all, even governments of completely democratic countries hide behind this problem to control telecom providers. And it really works ...

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