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PocketBook Education- Read, learn and read again

Hello to all!
I want to tell you a little about electronic textbooks as devices. This is not a complete article and not a chronology of all stages of the creation and design of the device. I’ll just tell you a little about how to replace a huge pile of textbooks with one e-book, and how interesting it is to implement it.

About a year ago, PocketBook began developing specialized e-books for schoolchildren and students.
As soon as development began, it became clear that a diagonal of 5 or 6 inches did not fit these tasks. A diagonal of 9.7 inches (the physical size of the pages of most textbooks) turned out to be suitable, and the work began ...

The result of an active development department was our first alpha version, shown in the photo below.
Yes, the device turned out a bit angular, but the programmers had something to work with.
Began software development, its adjustment and refinement for the needs of the education sector. Simultaneously with the development, testing was conducted in schools. Their result was the introduction of significant changes in the constructive devices and their software. For example, in books there was such a thing as a schedule application, a system of widgets in the interface, changes were made to the design of the device, and work was done to optimize the components. As a result of all these efforts, we received a beta version of the device:
I personally brought a sample of this bet to the Kharkov meeting . She looked much prettier and worked more brightly. We used this book in additional testing in schools to evaluate children's reaction to new teaching tools.
I will not go into all the difficulties of testing, psychological research and other things. Just give a few photos:

In general, the testing went with a bang, and already in August we released serial samples of new devices, which you will see on store shelves in October of this year.
That's exactly what they will look like.

At the moment in Ukraine interesting videos are spinning on this topic.
Movie on STB
Video on ICTV

And this is us on Book Byte .

The Ebook wrote a short note on this blog.

Well, here are the most patient specifications :
Dimensions263 x 190.3 x 11 mm
Display9.7 "E-ink, 150 dpi, 1200x825 px
Number of grayscale16 for images / 4 for text
Battery (active reading)Li-Polymer (1530 mAh), 7000 pages
CPUSamsung 533 MHz
operating systemLinux 2.6
Flash memory2 GB
InterfacemicroUSB (12Mb / s)
Memory slotmicroSD
Audio output3.5 mm
Book FormatsFB2, "FB2.ZIP", TXT, PDF, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC (mobi), CHM, EPUB, DOC, TCR
Image FormatsJPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
Audio formatsMP3
Gyro sensorthere is
Wireless connectionWiFi, Bluetooth


Wait for more news.
Sincerely yours, Klyuchnik.

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