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Online petitions work ... at least for the US

At the beginning of the summer, the guys who make the comics Cyanide & Happiness turned to the Internet community for help: they tried to get everything together in one place, but they had a problem with one of the team members named Dave. The problem was that Dave was an Irish citizen. You see, it is quite problematic to get a visa in the United States if they know that you will immediately go to work. For popular personalities such as artists, for example, there is an exception to the rule, but it seems that the US government did not take "popularity on the Internet" for real popularity, so the guys from Cyanide & Happiness wrote a blog post and posted information about it in Reddit asked the fans to sign a petition stating that Dave must still be let out in the USA.

Of course, some were skeptical of everything that was happening, but, believe it or not, it worked. With the help of its own readers, as well as other network users, the following happened:
Hi guys!

I just want to say that Dave received his O1 visa, and all that was necessary for us to provide is a non-acidic bundle of names on the Internet petition. This is the first time in history when an online petition has ever changed anything, even though it’s something that is a visa application by a person who does everything in his life — it draws comics in the style of “stick, stick, cucumber”.



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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103437/

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