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Skype 5.0 beta 2: now up to 10 people in video conferences

Yesterday the second beta of Skype 5.0 for Windows was released. It has implemented a number of changes, the most important among which is the possibility to hold video conferences with the participation of 10 people. Among others, it is possible to note an updated appearance, improved stability of work and quality of group video calls.

In order to take part in the video conference up to 10 participants, all of them will need to update the version of Skype to the second beta version 5.0. At the moment, this functionality is only available in the version for Windows (yes, yes, I hurt myself, but we are promised that the best brains are working on updating other versions of Skype).

The updated interface has become cleaner, simpler and clearer - you can appreciate the work of designers and interface engineers Skype. A Skype Home section appeared, where you can follow status updates of your contacts, change your avatar and status, receive information about your account status, etc.
Also in this beta, a number of bugs that were identified during beta testing were corrected, which made it possible to improve the stability and quality of video conferences. In case of disconnection, the function of automatic recovery of the call is provided. In general, you can already see how the new beta works, but this is not the final version - some errors may still occur, and if you happen to run into them, tell us about them - there is still time to correct them.

Download the new beta here .

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