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Where to celebrate the "Day of the programmer"?

September 13 will be another holiday - "Day of the programmer." There are still 10 days left until the holiday, but it’s already now to think about the questions: “Where?”, “With whom?” And “How to celebrate?”

Holidays can be celebrated in a circle: family; colleagues; friends I want to be with everyone, but there is no sense in breaking up into parts, otherwise it will turn out like a happy new year: in order to be in time everywhere now and the weekend has got almost a week. I think habrovchane will be happy to get bored on September 13, but where is it?

In Irkutsk, we (a small community of GeekFestRu) want to celebrate our professional day and for this we invite all interested parties to join us at HARAT'S. The room is homely, good music plays and not as expensive as it could be. The photo was taken in an institution. Monday is a hard day, so colleagues we are waiting for you on September 13 at 19-00 at HARAT'S. In the program: beer, greasy jokes, trolling, a game of mafia.
located at:
Irkutsk, st. Sovetskaya, 124 "D"
(near the tank)

Dear habrovchane, write down where you would like to spend in the city "Programmer Day"? There is still time to decide.

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