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The production of the film “The Pirate Bay” was financed by p2p users.

image The Pirate Bay has left its mark on the development of the Internet and Peer-to-Peer in particular, and continues to do so, as the most visited torrent site of all time. As a result of the fight against Hollywood and other copywriters, the founders of the site have become world famous people.

To document the events around The Pirate Bay, the Swedish director Simon Klose decided to create a movie about the tracker and its founders, giving it the name The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard . According to the director, the future film will tell about the three founders of the resource - Fredrik Neye , Gottfried Svarthholm and Peter Sunde .

The collection of start-up capital, which, by the way, the author estimated at $ 25,000 , was launched on August 28 to start producing the picture, it was possible to raise money in three days : out of the required $ 25,000, users have collected more than $ 36,000 together and the money does not stop coming , the amount continues to grow every day, just a month is allotted for collecting money and the end date for accepting donations is September 27.
You can follow the collection of money on the official website of the film - http://www.tpbafk.tv/

The director promises that the finished tape will be distributed completely free of charge .
Simon Klose just can not say for sure when he will finish the film, because The trial around The Pirate Bay is not over yet and the final verdict is not delivered, but the director decided to play it safe in advance; if he can remove the material himself, then he will need money for mounting the tape.

The director attended all the hearings of the three TPB founders last year, and he will also be present at the upcoming appeal next month.

At the moment, a mini teaser is available on the film website :

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103431/

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